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Maggie’s Elevated Mountain Distilling Co. Shifts Production to Crisis Aid

Elevated Mountain Hand Sanitizer

The Angel family

Elevated Mountain Distilling Company in Maggie Valley has shifted its production efforts to making hand sanitizer. “This is what we can do to support our neighbors most during this pandemic,” says owner Dave Angel. The hand sanitizer will go directly to local healthcare providers and front line responders.

Because Elevated Mountain Distilling is registered with the FDA and therefore held to the same standards as medically related manufacturers, it was relatively easy for them to obtain regulatory approval to manufacture industrial ethanol, the primary ingredient in hand sanitizer. “Hand sanitizer is a blend of 96 percent denatured ethanol as the active ingredient,” says Angel.

“Glycerin is added to slow down evaporation, keeping it effective and potent. Hydrogen peroxide is added to ensure sterilization and water is used to dilute it to a safe level for use.”

Elevated Mountain Distilling was initially concerned with having the necessary cash flow to produce the sanitizer while staying afloat as a business. Haywood County Chamber of Commerce connected the distilling company with Haywood Advancement Foundation, which has helped them to handle the financial burden while performing this important community service. Other partners have chipped in, too: Green Orchid Soap Company helped source bottles that meet the requirements for hand sanitizer, and local media has helped spread the word. Ingles Markets is saving milk boxes for use in shipping the sanitizers. “It takes a village, and I’m so proud of the community we live in and their efforts to help us,” says Angel.

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  • That’s why this old Midland Valley South Carolina girl loves Maggie Valley! The people there are just awesome! Thank you Elevated Distillery and Dave Angel for helping the frontliners. Take care and hoping to see y’all in July!

  • I live here in Maggie Valley NC ,, the folks of Haywood Co are such wonderful people . Elevated Mountain Distillery is a prime example of WNC people . Thank you so much for all you do and have done for the whole world with ur kind n most beautiful heart for the people’s ..

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