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Our VOICE: 17th Annual Survivors’ Art Show

Denise Carbonell, artist

Our VOICE, Buncombe County’s nonprofit crisis intervention and prevention agency serving victims of sexual violence, will host the 17th annual HeartWorks Survivors’ Art Show at REVOLVE Gallery in Asheville. The exhibition, which features art by survivors of sexual assault, will open with a reception on Thursday, November 15, at 6 p.m. The reception will feature performance art, poetry, songs and a piece of expressive dance theater choreographed by Barrie Barton, founder of Stand and Deliver and artistic director of Community Choreography Projects. “For many who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse, image, metaphor, movement and music are the only expressive outlet available to them,” says Barton. “The arts convey what we are not willing to say outright in words.” Appetizers and drinks will be provided on opening night and a suggested $5- $25 donation at the door is encouraged.

The HeartWorks exhibit will be anchored by the penand- ink works of Denise Carbonell, the 2018 featured guest artist. “The body of work I am showing is a way for me to confirm my solidarity with people who have experienced assault in the form of sex, sexuality, physicality, as well as with mental and physical abuse,” says Carbonell. “The ramifications of such abuse are extensive and affect many of us for a lifetime. Art can be a tremendous way to begin processing inner pain and can hopefully lead to some sort of healing.”

HeartWorks will run through December 15. “By viewing this show, by taking in the art, the photography, the music and dance, we bear witness to the complexity and resilience of the human spirit; we bear witness to the process of healing as it unfolds around us,” says Angelica Wind, executive director of Our VOICE. “Most importantly, the art show is an opportunity for survivors’ voices to be amplified and not silenced.”

REVOLVE Gallery is located in the RAMP SOUTH Studio at 821 Riverside Drive, #179, in Asheville. For more information, visit

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