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Services Abound at the New Walnut Cove Realty Sales and Retail Center in Arden

Josh Smith and Agent Leslee Fontaine

Walnut Cove Realty established a new office in November of 2023, and soon other retail and sales spaces will open to create the innovative new Walnut Cove Realty Sales and Retail Center. “We look forward to welcoming our retail neighbors and introducing them to the community,” says director of operations Michelle Ford. “With services ranging from property management and renovation contractors to design and selection centers, financial management and a salon, The Walnut Cove Realty Sales and Retail Center will be a great resource for the area as we continue to grow and provide service to the community.”

Founded in 2006 by Kent Smith, Walnut Cove Realty focuses on luxury real estate within amenitized communities but has grown over the years to deliver results in a variety of real estate offerings including large land tracts, commercial spaces, new construction and development consultation. The company boasts a roster of nearly 30 experienced real estate agents, as well as access to the largest network of luxury brokers in the world through a relationship with Luxury Portfolio International. This far-reaching capacity ensures impressive outcomes for clients.

“I have been in the construction industry and on both sides of real estate transactions in Western North Carolina for 40 years and have never seen anything as efficient and professional as Walnut Cove Realty,” says client Richard Jennings. “They listed my home and five days later presented an offer. It was shocking how seamless this process was.”

The new Sales and Retail Center will make it easier for Walnut Cove Realty to continue offering top-notch service to their clients. “At Walnut Cove Realty, we believe that excellence is a mark of respect for our clients,” says president and owner Josh Smith. “Our commitment to providing exceptional service is reflected in our proven success and is the reason we are the premier luxury brokerage in Western North Carolina.”

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