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Shop Talk: Flawsome

Carla Youse

Carla Youse is a Western North Carolina native whose career path has led to jobs in hospitality, administration, banking and retail. “Fortunately, you need skills in all of the above to manage a business,” she says.

Carla has been running a consignment store in Waynesville for seven years. “I’ve always loved the variety of people who come into the shop—the different personalities and tastes,” she says. “It has been interesting to watch fashion trends change over the years.”

The name “Flawsome” refers to someone who understands they are awesome because of their flaws, not despite them. “The name is not about the clothes we sell; it is about accepting our imperfections as something that makes us beautiful and unique,” Carla says. “I love that a blouse someone no longer wants can make someone else feel great.”

Flawsome is located at 42 North Main Street in Waynesville. Learn more at

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