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Shop Talk: Gallery 339

Terry Thirion. Photo by Sarah M. Brown

Terry Thirion, owner of Gallery 339, was raised in a bilingual household in Belgium. For her, being an artist was not a conscious choice. “I was pulled towards it, a lot like a calling,” she says. “My earliest memories are of drawing and copying images. I liked making grids over faces and learning to see where the lines would lead.”

Terry and her husband now live in Hot Springs, a source of inspiration for Terry’s works, which can be described as abstracted landscapes: images of water edges, frogs, birds and the natural environment. “I am very concerned for the future of our natural spaces that are rapidly disappearing,” she says.

Terry believes the job of an artist is to reveal something meaningful for mankind. “It’s not just about pretty pictures,” she says, “but about the ability to make people look a bit deeper at the world around us.”

Gallery 339 is located at 339 US 25 in Hot Springs. To learn more, visit

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