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Shop Talk: Michelle Hamilton

Michelle Hamilton

Artist Michelle Hamilton once rode from Florida to the Blue Ridge Mountains on a Russian sidecar motorcycle. “My husband and I are part of a club that has rallies all over, and we would ride with them and camp,” Hamilton says. “One of the places we camped was Black Mountain, which we fell in love with.”

Michelle’s encaustic artworks are as whimsical as her life sounds and are influenced by the foreign cultures she experienced while traveling. “When I was a child, I drew constantly, but it wasn’t until I was around the age of 20, when I moved to a big city and started traveling, that everything changed,” she says. “Still, folk art has always had my heart. I do go off in other directions at times, but you can still see the influence.”

Find Michelle Hamilton’s studio at Modern Muse, 191 Lyman Street, in the River Arts District. Learn more at

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