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Shop Talk: Scallywag’s Consignment Furniture

Kerry and Libbi Webb with their daughter

Twenty years ago, before Scallywag’s existed, owner Kerry Webb, a Waynesville native, spent a lot of his youth skateboarding in an indoor park the previous tenants operated in the building. “When the skate park closed down, Scallywag’s moved in and I started working for them as a furniture mover,” he says. “I eventually worked my way up to management before my wife and I decided to buy the business in February of 2023.”

Of the items that come through the shop, Webb finds well-made mid-century pieces the most interesting.
“Being able to provide affordable, high-quality items to customers while also being a valuable resource for sellers can be a tight-rope walk a lot of the time, but it’s rewarding to find that balance that benefits both sides of the exchange,” he says.

Scallywag’s Consignment Furniture is located at 171 Muse Business Park, Waynesville. Learn more at

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  • When I first visited here in May 2018 my friends brought me to this store. A couple of months later I moved to Waynesville. And since I moved here I have never gone back to the store because I know that I’m going to buy a lot of stuff. And the truth is I don’t have any more space in my house. 😂

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