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Shop Talk: Secrets of a Duchess

Shop Talk: Secrets of a Duchess

Judi Maisel. Photo by Studio Misha

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Judi Maisel, don’t miss the chance. You will find not only Asheville’s premier full-service salon specializing in wigs and other accessories but a warm, charming, professional woman with a delightful sense of humor.

Hailing from England, Maisel has never lost her lovely accent. She owned several businesses over the years, from restaurants in the Caribbean to a well-known shop in London where she dressed the likes of Welsh singer Tom Jones. However, having lost her own hair 25 years ago, she has long had a wig shop. For many years, she lived on the west coast of Florida. Recruited to come to Asheville by one of her stylists, she has been here for 16 years.

“At first, I didn’t think a wig business would survive here, but we’ve earned our reputation,” says Maisel. “Wigs are wonderful. You can be anybody you want to be. People tend to think losing one’s hair is the worst part of a medical condition, worse than the treatments, worse than anything—but, actually, it can be the most fun part. You can keep your dignity.”

Secrets of a Duchess is located at 1439 Merrimon Avenue, Asheville. To learn more visit or call 828.350.7900.

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