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Chef Steven Goff Brings His Skills to Jargon

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Chef Steven Goff has joined the team at Jargon as its new executive chef. Goff was named North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association Chef of the Year in 2019. “The most exciting thing about having Chef Goff is having a true local rock star to take the helm,” says Sean Piper, who co-owns the restaurant with his wife Shelly. “I have been a fan of his work at the King James Public House, AUX bar and the incredible Blind Pig dinners. He is an experienced butcher, so it’s going to be exciting to see whole animal butchery and how he utilizes everything. Even though he loves to experiment with unusual proteins, he will also be adding more vegan options to our menu, and he is an accomplished pastry chef, which will raise the bar on our dessert offerings.”

Chef Steven Goff

Goff jokes that after he left AUX Bar, he slept for six months and had “a bit of a cook’s midlife crisis—I’m 40 and we die young,” he says. He picked up a few shifts at Jargon and fell quickly into step with the ambiance and vibe of the restaurant. “The cooks were all super welcoming and it’s a tiny, open kitchen, which I love, because the chef and guest interaction gets to be far more intimate,” he says. “Sean and Shelly are both super cool and I can really kind of let my cook’s mind run wild for a bit.”

As far as his vision for the Jargon menu, Goff describes his culinary style as “upscale meets lowbrow,” and he is known for putting a new twist on classic Southern dishes. While he has traditionally limited himself to products and ingredients indigenous to the American South, he sees Jargon as a chance to branch out with ingredients like boquerones, harissa and French cheeses. “I’m allowing myself to open the international pantry here that I have missed so much,” he says. “I’m going to let inspiration and the diners decide which way we go, but at the moment I’m just applying really classical, simple techniques and products with minimal fuss and clean presentation, and we will go from there.”

Jargon is located at 715 Haywood Road. For more information or to make a reservation, visit or call 828.785.1761.

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