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Deep Dining in Your Garden

Patryk Battle. Photo by Nora Walsh-Battle

This month, Living Web Farms’ director Patryk Battle presents Deep Dining in Your Garden, a digital workshop that will be available to participants as a live Zoom meeting, YouTube stream or pre-recorded video. The workshop will explore the question of how people can sustain themselves without store-bought food.

“In this time of heightened awareness of and desire for food resilience, it’s going to be comforting and empowering to know that there is already food everywhere,” says Battle. “We can eat parts of plants like squash and beans that we don’t realize we can eat.”

The workshop was originally going to be hosted in-person, with the opportunity for participants to try various recipes. While Battle says it’s unfortunate that this won’t be possible, he says the virtual workshop allows him to visit different sites and show more edible plants in their natural environment. “The ability to look at all these different sites means I might be able to hit on a few things that people actually have on or near their property,” he says. “The mission of Living Web Farms is to provide pathways to the future should we run into disruptions, and, indeed, we are seeing a bit of a disruption now. We think it’s important to have lots of food growing and to empower people with the knowledge of all of the food around them.”

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