Food and Drink: Post 70 Indulgence Bar

Food and Drink: Post 70 Indulgence Bar

Story by Belle Crawford | Photos by Joye Ardyn Durham

Chad Holmes has been the executive chef at Post 70 Indulgence Bar for six months. “I’ve been cooking since I was 17,” he says. “My grandmother taught me to cook, and I’ve always been in love with food.”

Holmes’ long career in the food industry began in Emory, VA, where he grew up. “I didn’t know I wanted to take food seriously until I was in my mid-twenties,” he says, “which is when I realized I was actually good at it.”

Food and Drink: Post 70 Indulgence Bar

Post 70 Indulgence Bar is known by day as the pastry café Filo Pastry. In the evening, the lights are dimmed and sophisticated music is turned up ever so slightly to create the perfect atmosphere for after-work spirits or a date night. The menu at Post 70 features Mediterranean and European cuisine, often with a contemporary and surprising twist. The dinner and dessert menus come together with the help of Filo Pastry’s talented pastry chefs, who provide the bread and pastry items for the menu, as well as collaboration between Holmes’ small kitchen team and Post 70’s bar staff.

“Over the years, I’ve worked with some amazing chefs,” says Holmes. “I’ve learned a lot about running a kitchen and feel that I’ve reached a point in my career where I can be truly creative and confident with experimentation. At Post 70, I get the chance to try things that I’ve always wanted to try, but never had the chance to at other places.”

Food and Drink: Post 70 Indulgence Bar

The Post 70 menu changes every two or three weeks, with current menu offerings including fried halloumi, vegetable souvlaki, persillade encrusted lamb lollipops and a Parisian gnocchi with pâte à choux dumplings. “There are a few staple dishes that remain consistent on the menu,” says Holmes. “Things like the flatbreads, which are made in-house by the pastry team, as well as the Greek wings and gouda mac and cheese, but I like to keep things interesting. For example, we recently did a foie gras corn dog. I wasn’t sure if it would be a hit or not, but people really liked it,” he says. “On the menu now, we have a Dark and Stormy Pork Belly. It’s a ginger beer- and lime-glazed pork belly with root vegetable slaw. It has been very popular so far.”

Holmes works together with his sous chef, Jennifer Ballard, to come up with menu ideas. Chad and Jennifer make up the entirety of the kitchen staff team. “Jennifer is really my rock,” he says. “She comes with tons of experience, and we collaborate a lot. We talk about food constantly, and our ideas evolve all the time. It’s been a lot of fun to work with a minimalist crew. Communication is much easier with a small team. We’re basically ‘go-go-go’ constantly, but we know we’re producing quality items.”

Post 70 Indulgence Bar is located at 1155 Tunnel Road in South Asheville. For information about seasonal and monthly events at Post 70, call 828.298.9777. For the full dinner, dessert, wine and cocktail menus, visit

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