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Food & Drink: Ye Olde Country Store

Ye Olde Country Store

Ye Olde Country Store is located at 7 South Main Street in Burnsville

By Emma Castleberry

Ye Olde Country Store has been a staple in Burnsville for 21 years. Wade Dahlberg and his wife Latasha, the fourth owners of the store, used to love eating at the Amish deli that the previous owners added to the store. “This is a complete family affair,” says Wade. “On any given day, you might find the whole family here.” That includes Wade, Latasha, their sons Riley and Blake and their soon-to-be daughter-in-law Ashlyn. That said, Ye Olde Country Store will be closed on October 10 for a wedding. “Because everybody that works here is either at the wedding, in the wedding, or the ones getting married,” says Wade.

Ye Olde Country store

Blake Dahlberg serves the new Cuban Sandwich.

In every way, Ye Olde Country Store harkens back to a time when things were simpler and sweeter, both in food and environment. The restaurant’s location is a historic carriage house from the early 1900s. “This is where the horses and buggies were parked back in those days,” says Dahlberg. “It’s old, structural brick and it really adds to the aesthetic of what we are doing here.”

Wade has always enjoyed the culinary arts and he’s ramped up his efforts with the menu at Ye Olde Country Store. “Having good meals at home, sitting around the table, is something we raised our family on,” Wade says. “Cooking has always been a big hobby for me and my wife.” When he’s considering a new sandwich, Latasha will come in to the store and he’ll try the new recipe out on her. If it’s a success, the pair will brainstorm creative names like American Picnic and Tasha’s Favorite Turkey. Visitors can look for a recent creation—as yet unnamed—to appear on the menu soon: a panini with brie cheese, deli sliced turkey, fresh basil and red pepper jelly from a little family-run business out of east Tennessee.

The Dahlbergs pride themselves on making everything from scratch, in-house. “We want everything to be homemade with love,” says Wade. “When you come in here, you really feel that whatever you ordered was made fresh for you and made using good recipes.”

That handmade-with-love character is perfectly demonstrated by the store’s Traditional Cuban Sandwich. “My son makes a homemade marinade for the pork, then we roast it off for seven hours, let it cool and slice it for the sandwich,” says Wade. “We’ve had lots of people say it’s the best Cuban sandwich north of Miami!”

Ye Olde Country store

Italian Grinder on left and Picnic Sandwich

One of the big draws at Ye Olde Country Store is the homemade ice cream. The family sets up an assembly line on ice cream-making days. “Everybody is doing their part to make ice cream,” says Wade. “There is always someone in the back separating eggs to use the yolks for our custard.”

Because the ice cream is made in house, the flavors change often and with the seasons. Wade says to keep an eye out for apple cobbler and pumpkin ice creams this month, as well as plenty of sweetbreads, pies and cakes. “I love this thing because I love people,” he says. “We try not to take ourselves too seriously and have a great time, and we want that experience for our customers, too.”

Ye Olde Country Store is located at 7 South Main Street in Burnsville. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, find @theyeoldecountrystore on Facebook or call 828.678.9900.

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