Fresh & Nutritious Food Delivered to Doorsteps

Fresh & Nutritious Food Delivered to Doorsteps

Delivery. Andrea DuVall, owner of Mother Earth Food Inc. and Kelly Fain of French Broad Food Co-Op

By Carolyn Schweitz

Many know the benefits of eating locally sourced food, but it can be difficult to have readily available access to foods that are both local and fresh. Now, Mother Earth Food and French Broad Food Co-op have formed a partnership to tackle this challenge. Both companies have been offering healthy options to the community for many years and the partnership between them furthers their missions.

Mother Earth Food provides a weekly door-to-door delivery service to bring nutritious options from local farms and food artisans to individuals, while French Broad Food Co-op serves the community as a localized grocery store option. With the new partnership, products from French Broad Food Co-op will be available within the Mother Earth Food delivery service.

“We are of the community, for the community,” says Janelle Tatum, CEO of Mother Earth Food. The hope is to offer healthier and local food options to more people, while reducing the overall carbon footprint of grocery shopping. The partnership also extends the economic benefit of keeping food sources local. “Every dollar spent on our mission is truly kept in the community and helps real people have viable businesses,” says Tatum. “The economic ripple effect is felt far and wide.”

More than 175 products from French Broad Food Co-op are currently offered for delivery, with more being added each week. “It’s a partnership that brings together companies with the same visions and missions to provide a service for the greater community,” says Clare Schwartz, outreach coordinator of French Broad Food Co-op. “Rather than re-creating the wheel, we are using our individual strengths to give better service at better prices and giving the community an option to support locally owned and run businesses instead of corporate ones.”

For more information on Mother Earth Food, call 828.275.3500, visit, or find them on Facebook at Mother Earth Food or on Instagram For more information on French Broad Food Co-op, call 828.255.7650, visit FrenchBroadFood.Coop, or find them on Facebook at French Broad Food Co-op or on Instagram @frenchbroadfoodcoop.

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