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Killer Bees Honey

Killer Bees Honey

Sean Collinsworth

Sean Collinsworth has his eighth-grade chemistry teacher to thank for getting him interested in bees. “Every time I open a hive, they amaze me,” he says. “Despite partial progress in understanding this organism, most is still unknown.”

On a mission to sell pure, quality honey, Sean launched last winter. His Lake Toxaway apiary features 40 hives surrounded by 512,000 toxin-free acres of the Pisgah National Forest. He plans on expanding the apiary to accommodate 75 hives by 2018.

“That’s all I can personally handle,” he says. “Depending on the nectar flow, each hive can produce 30 pounds of honey in the spring, or wildflower flow, and up to 80 pounds of sourwood honey during the summer flow.”

These bees hunt for nectar untouched by pesticides such as neonics, an insecticide that’s like nicotine.

“It’s important to produce an authentic product,” Sean says.

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