From the Editor

We’re all free to look at the arrival of each new year as an ending to what was or as a beginning of what will be. Nature writer Hal Borland believed a new year to be neither, calling it “a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” As I write this, 2019 is the blank datebook that lies on my desk awaiting scribbled notations of all that arts- and adventure-filled WNC will offer in the days to come.

If the year holds a wedding date for you or someone you know, our Winter 2019 Wedding Guide may provide some of the answers you’re seeking or point you to those professionals who make the joining of lives a seamless event. Wedding shows in Hendersonville (p. 43) and Burnsville (p. 42) are among the many regional events that promise to help with some of the difficult choices that must be made. Our guide includes information on venues (p. 34), food (p. 30), services (p. 22) and attire (p. 26). Asheville’s wedding fashion designer Charles Josef is the subject of our On a Personal Note feature (p. 82).

Winter can be a downer, as even the great naturalist Thoreau thought at times (p. 62), but it can also be a lovely display of what lies hidden at other times of the year—the ridgelines of mountains, the symmetry of trees, the sweep of unplanted fields. Starting the New Year off with a First Day Hike (p. 56) is a great way to renew a commitment to get outdoors more to appreciate our Blue Ridge Mountains. And although fields lie fallow, there are still plenty of goods to be found at Winter Farmers Markets all over WNC (p. 100). Make a resolution to enjoy the rest of winter—and this brand-new year. Happy 2019!

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