From the Editor

From the Editor

Gina Malone

Abigail Adams is credited with saying, “Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” Embracing curiosity, seeking knowledge, reading a book, enrolling in an art class or in college for that long delayed degree—there are so many ways to continue enriching our minds throughout our lives. Our March issue, with its focus on education, is one of my favorite of our themed issues. As someone who has never stopped learning, by taking classes, reading voraciously and simply asking questions, I am inspired by the educators and students we talked to for these stories and by the sheer number of learning opportunities in Western North Carolina.

In our Education section, find stories about classes, workshops and experiences in everything from astronomy to yarn work. Asheville’s River Arts District, besides the bounty of fine arts and crafts available for sale, is flush with learning opportunities. Our Cover Artist Peter Roux offers classes—online and in person—on oil painting as well as the business of art, and Tori Motyl, our Feature Artist, has a dizzying teaching schedule of pottery classes at The Village Potters Clay Center.

You’re never too young or too old to learn. Students at Blue Ridge Lifelong Learning Center in Hendersonville who are in their 50s and older have not lost the desire for learning all sorts of interesting things about the world around them. And Mills River Day at North River Farms, RiverLink’s RiverCamp and Odyssey School’s new podcast offerings are just a few of the educational opportunities for young people that we explore this month.

Looking ahead to our celebration of pets in May’s issue, we invite readers to share your favorite pet photographs for our 2020 Best Pet Photo Contest this month. Voting continues throughout March, and winners receive some fabulous prizes!

Now seek with ardor and attend with diligence all of those new talents awaiting discovery!

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