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Shop Talks: Re·framed Living

Cathleen Adams

After high school, Cathleen Adams worked at a decorator’s shop, making custom window treatments and selling furniture before joining the Army to save money for college. “My grandfather and mother became ill at the same time, which led me into nursing,” she says. But her love for interior design never faded. “I continued curating antiques, creating upcycled furniture and upholstering on the side.”

Her nursing career brought her to Asheville where she rented booths at several antique stores in town. “I found clients who wanted specific creations and would advise about the form and function of their ideas,” she says.

She opened Re·framed Living in May of 2022. “I work with almost 300 suppliers and manufacturers, as well as local artists, to create highly individualized designs to fit clients’ personalities,” Adams says.

Learn more about Re·framed Living at or by calling 828.335.1788.

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