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Sister Kitten Animal Rescue Aids Animals & Owners in Need

Sister Kitten Animal Rescue Aids Animals & Owners in NeedEric Phelps, president of Sister Kitten Animal Rescue, has worked on animal issues for 30 years as both an employee and volunteer. “After years of working for other organizations, I wanted to better focus my passion for helping animals and people on the three main areas of work we do: community cats, neighborhood dogs and rapid response,” he says. Sister Kitten mainly does fieldwork, including trap-neuter-return (TNR) for community cats, improving the lives of outdoor dogs through education and resources, and providing rapid response work in the wake of natural disasters. “We largely rely on rescue partners in the area for help with animals needing adoption or foster after being rescued from the field,” says Phelps.

Sister Kitten currently has one dog in foster care. “We rescued Sugar Ray—formerly Chato—back in January after he had lived his entire 14 years of life on a chain,” says Phelps. While some of Sister Kitten’s fieldwork, including TNR and animal welfare checks, has been hampered by COVID-19, the organization is prepared to start receiving calls from animal owners who have lost their jobs and need help caring for pets. “We are pushing for donations of canned and dry dog and cat food, cat litter and flea medication to be able to assist as many people and their animals as possible,” says Phelps.

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  • Sylvia Cassell just this week fostered/adopted a Siamese 6 month old kitten who had been declawed I am also wanting a declawed cat please. I am hoping to move into an apartment at Givens Gerber Village. Thank you, Tena

  • Eric of Sister Kitten was wonderful helping our small condo community to capture and neuter some feral cats in our immediate area. Where we could eventually have had a large number of them, we now have only two to care for. That we can do. Eric is really caring, experienced, and effective in his mission to help animals.

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