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Tryon’s Sanctuary at Red Bell Run Cares for Rescued Equines

Sanctuary at Red Bell Run

By Emma Castleberry

Red Bell Run is a 200-acre equine sanctuary and 40-acre working grape vineyard nestled in the foothills near Tryon. The mission of Red Bell Run is to rescue abused, neglected or at-risk, special needs equines, offering rehabilitation and permanent sanctuary for these animals. They also work to support other equine rescue organizations and foster the bond between humans and animals. “Rescuing and rehabilitating animals—or humans, for that matter—not only gives the weakest among us a voice but it also uplifts the human spirit, providing positivity and light and countering the negativity that sometimes plagues the human condition,” says founder and president Mary Adams. “Empathy for others, whether animal or human, is the building block of a successful, thriving community, because only through understanding others can we ourselves thrive and grow.”

The more than 100 equines living at Red Bell Run are from all over the US and have arrived there in a variety of ways, including from law enforcement cases or via other rescue organizations. “Most animals here came from abuse cases ranging from neglect to outright cruelty,” says Adams. “We offer them vet care, rehabilitation and hospice—whatever their condition requires.”

The farm takes outreach seriously and provides a Read with Rescues series for students in kindergarten through 5th grade that allows them to engage with the animals at the sanctuary and practice literacy skills. The next series begins on Saturday, May 7. Red Bell Run also offers guided, educational farm tours. “You’ll see everything from miniature horses and donkeys to huge draft mules and wild mustangs,” says Adams. “We promise you’ll be enchanted.”

Learn more at or call 828.863.2017 to schedule a farm tour. You can also find the Sanctuary’s social media accounts at

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