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Hazelwood Soap Company

Hazelwood Soap Company

Diana and John Laursen

Diana Laursen, owner, with husband John, of Hazelwood Soap Company in Waynesville says, “We are a family-owned business from start to finish.” She started making soap in 2001 while at home with her first two children. With help from John’s background in chemistry, the couple opened a storefront in 2007.

Though they have grown—both their business and their family—not much else has changed. “We still manage all aspects of our business from the emails to ordering raw materials to production,” she says. “We continue to make each product in small batches to keep its integrity intact. We do not take shortcuts and have found keeping our ingredient list to a minimum is key.”

The Laursens’ four children are deeply involved in all aspects of the business, as well. “We believe in teaching our children that an honest, hard day’s work is where it’s at.”

Hazelwood Soap Company is located at 435 Hazelwood Avenue in downtown Waynesville. For more information, visit or find Hazelwood Soap Co on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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