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Springtime at North River Farms and DB bar D Outfitters

Photo by Kyle Vaughan

By Allison Taylor

It’s doubtful that a spring has ever been more anxiously awaited than this one. Outdoor recreation has continued to be a needed outlet for many people as the pandemic drags on. Social distancing and outdoor spaces are still beneficial for those seeking social interactions, entertainment and activities, and fitness options. Spring always brings the promise of new life, fresh starts and warmer temperatures, and with those come increasing opportunities and ideal conditions for fishing, camping, hunting and planting crops.

Western North Carolina is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts with our abundant trails for hiking and biking, variety of camping options, streams for fishing, and wildlife to delight hunters. “Some of the best fishing in WNC starts in March and continues to be great with the spring hatches through June,” says Kyle Vaughan, outfitter manager and guide with DB bar D Outfitters. “All of the active bugs that are living out their lifecycles in the streams make for some excellent fishing.” DB bar D Outfitters offers guided fly-fishing trips and private trout water memberships for those seeking options for wetting a hook.

The 2021 spring turkey season is broken down into two seasons: the youth-only season, which runs April 3–9, and the regular season, which runs April 10 through May 8. DB bar D Outfitters offers both guided and semi-guided trips on its property in Mills River as well as in South Carolina.

Vaughan also enjoys camping, and warmer weather creeping in brings new motivation. “April is when I start thinking about camping and making plans to take a few days to camp and fly fish while l recharge after the winter months and spend as much time outdoors as possible,” he says. “Personally, I cannot think of a better way to spend a day than waking up in a tent on a cool spring morning and exploring a trout stream all day.”

Farming is also ramping up significantly with the advent of spring. Last year saw a significant boom in backyard farming as the initial COVID lockdown hit, and it is expected that that trend will continue in 2021.

Jason Davis, owner of North River Farms in Mills River, is busy getting young plants ready to go in the ground to support the produce side of the business. He also farms cattle, and the baby calves have started to appear, hopping around and playing in the pastures. Spring is a busy and active time at North River Farms, and scheduling a farm tour is a perfect way to get a glimpse into operations. Farm tours are ideal for large groups of people, including school, church and social groups and clubs.

For more information on DB bar D Outfitters or to schedule guided fishing or hunting trips, visit DBbarD.com. To learn more about North River Farms or to schedule a farm tour, visit NorthRiverFarms.co.

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