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Artists Defy Expectations At Blue Spiral 1 This Winter

Roller 33. Kenneth Baskin, artist

Blue Spiral 1 presents four new exhibits opening Friday, November 4, and running through December 28. In the Main Gallery, Print + Pattern presents artists who apply printed patterns to textiles, ceramics, books, functional forms and prints. The work includes ready-made printed objects, drawings turned into quilts, screen-printed underglazes on clay and traditional woodcuts.

“By putting into question what most people think of traditional printmaking, the works on display may come across as unexpected,” says Casey Engel, exhibiting artist and lead curator for Print + Pattern. “This exhibition celebrates artists who are earnestly breaking the rules.”

Tall Apple Green Vase with Loopy Handles. Heidi Tarver, artist

Other exhibiting artists are Eleanor Annand, Katie Chung, Jeanine Coupe Ryding, Julian Jamaal Jones, Althea Murphy-Price, Kristen Necessary, Peter Olson and Heidi Tarver.

Coralie Tweed: For the Love of Trees is on display in the Showcase Gallery. In this solo exhibit, Tweed presents works that emphasize the inspiration she finds in nature. Her paintings and pastel drawings capture the light and shadow of ever-changing atmospheric conditions.

“For as long as I can remember I have loved trees—to climb them, smell them, touch them, to be under and among them,” says Tweed. “I am fascinated by the fact that trees take care of each other, feed each other and communicate with their roots and their scents.”

In the Small Format Gallery Kenneth Baskin: Mechanical Movement showcases the sculptor’s use of clay and glazing techniques to create objects referencing industrial or mechanical equipment. “I find machinery beautiful in its directness,” says Baskin. “Line, shape, color and form are dictated by function, but if we look beyond function, we can also find elegance, grace and metaphor.”

Baskin’s trompe l’oeil works appear rusted, textured and more like metal than clay.

Color Stories, in the Lower Level Gallery, explores the use of color. Artists in this exhibition use color in different ways; some assimilate it to create a moody atmosphere; some use it to distinguish objects; some create pattern and design; some use it to express emotion or emphasize a narrative.

“Like alchemy, which uses the magical process of transmuting a substance of little value into something of great value, I combine and manipulate colors to create something new and potentially transformative in the viewer’s experience,” says participating artist Lainard Bush.

Exhibiting artists also include Jim Connell, Kimberly English, Shane Fero, Jean Gumpper, Chris Liberti and Ed Nash.

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