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Browse Hundreds of Upcoming Craft Courses at John C. Campbell Folk School

John C Campbell

Windsor rocking chair. Patrick Heavner, student

By Emma Castleberry

John C. Campbell Folk School, located in Brasstown, has released its catalog of classes for January through June. The weekend and week-long offerings include hundreds of courses spanning the winter and spring in a wide variety of craft from blacksmithing to nature studies.

Book artist and calligrapher Annie Cicale will be teaching two courses in January: Rainbow Roll-up Printmaking from January 14 through 16 followed by Map Making and Hand Lettering Calligraphy/Paper Art from January 16 through 22.

Relief printmaking. Anne Cicale, artist

“The printmaking class is a short class that teaches fundamentals of relief printing,” says Cicale. “It is an introduction and uses techniques that don’t require a printing press, though I show students how to use one.” The map making class is more focused on the principles of design. “Students make maps to their houses, memories of a vacation, treasure maps for grandchildren and other maps that won’t pop up on their iPhones,” Cicale says. “They learn about ways to transfer information to the page and the basics of graphic design, as well as fundamentals of hand lettering.”

Cicale, who is a resident of Fairview, has taught courses in 35 states and 5 different countries. Of all the places she’s been, she says teaching at the Folk School offers a special experience for both students and instructors. “Each week, a community is built among the teachers and students, with students from all backgrounds finding common interests and sometimes forming lifetime friendships,” she says. “The Folk School also brings students from all over the world to WNC and they discover the wonderful people who live here and the beautiful place we share with them.”

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