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“Dissecting Reality” at Contemporaneo Asheville

Through December 31, Contemporaneo Asheville presents Dissecting Reality, a four-artist show exploring transition and renaissance. “A spirit of reflection motivated us to design a show that goes deep into nature, architecture, movement and the infinite beauty of being alive,” says Francisco Troconis, co-owner with Gary Culbertson of the gallery.

Renderings of Movement. José Pablo Barreda, artist

In her series Silent Architectures, Clara Vidal draws stark, mysterious images of interiors. “It’s a simple series and there lies its secret,” she says. “Chairs or everyday objects, Bauhaus designs and footprints make the difference.”

Through his Ranches and Characters series of works, Felo Jose explores urban landscapes in Latin American cities, with a particular focus on his native Colombia. “In the current state of the world, my work arrives as a message of reflection, where we will always have hope despite adversity,” he says.

Roger Munch will lend his perspective to the exhibit with a series Silence in Slow Time that explores the world’s declining bird populations as indicators of the health of the planet. “The dead bird specimens, here drawn from real life, represent specific documented cases of how humans are impacting birds,” he says. The exhibit will also include work by José Pablo Barreda, who studies movement and kinetics in his finely crafted wood work.

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