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Book Feature: Thriving on a Riff

Ben Wood, Creator/Editor

Artist Marsha Hammel has spent a lifetime doing what she loves best: painting. Now a new book, Marsha Hammel: Thriving on a Riff | A Life of Art and Music, created by a London publishing company, documents Hammel’s art career as well as some of the stories behind her creations. “About a year ago, when the project was initiated, Ben Wood wrote to me and asked me to send sketches, essays, poems, writings by other people and any other items that had anything to do with my life and practice,” says Hammel. Meanwhile, a catalogue of her body of work was created from photographs, slides and transparencies. From thousands of images and written works, she adds, was woven “a tapestry of an artist’s life and work.”

Seeing a compilation of her life’s work astonished Hammel and she hopes that others find the book inspirational to their own creative processes. “Looking at my early work from the perspective of 50 years of practice, I find that it inspires me to approach painting now with a renewed perception and a desire to return to my youthful idea that ‘less is more’,” says Hammel. “My 25-year-old self has become a teacher to my 71-year-old self.”

Marsha Hammel: Thriving on a Riff | A Life of Art and Music, June, 2021, nonfiction, hardcover, published by Felix Rosenstiel’s Widow & Son, Ltd., London. To learn more, visit

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