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Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters: Live at The Grey Eagle


Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters: Live at The Grey EagleLive at The Grey Eagle, the new album by Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters, contains tracks that celebrate anniversaries, departures and family. “It captures an era in my life of music,” Platt says.

Platt has been writing and performing songs for about 15 years. “I’d say I grew up in a musical household,” she says. “My dad and my brother are both musicians and my mom is a music appreciator. Growing up, I heard a lot of early country/ bluegrass, blues, ‘60s rock and folk, more modern singer/songwriters and then, of course, a healthy dose of ‘90s grunge and punk.” Her older brother always had a band, Platt says, and she grew up tagging along and wanting to be included.

She moved to Asheville in 2007 and began playing her own music with a band called, briefly, the Bee’s Knees. In 2008, they became The Honeycutters. Band members have changed over the years, with the current lineup being Platt on acoustic guitar and vocals, Matt Smith on pedal steel and electric guitar, Rick Cooper on bass and Evan Martin on drums. “I guess I was inspired to make music with other people because it’s more fun than doing it alone,” Platt says.

In describing the band’s sound, she says, “I feel like the term ‘Americana’ can be infuriatingly vague, but that’s really the best word I can think of.” When writing songs, she is influenced by all of the music she loved growing up, as well as pop music, the five senses and everyday conversation. Listeners who value lyrics are among those drawn to the band’s songs, she says.

“Asheville has certainly influenced me,” she says, “both by giving me a supportive artistic community and also as a place that I miss when I’m on the road. In my experience, there is nothing that rouses the muse quite like being homesick.”

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