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WCU College of Fine and Performing Arts presents Roadworks

Photo by Raymond Baccari

This summer, the Western Carolina University College of Fine and Performing Arts presents WCU Roadworks, a free outreach program offering experiential art opportunities. The program began in 2016 with performances from students in the School of Stage and Screen. In 2017, students from the School of Music were featured and this summer, students from the School of Art and Design will be traveling around in an Art Trailer. The trailer will be managed by a team of two graduate students, Raymond Baccari and Kylie Price, and two undergraduates, Todd Martin and Jesse Lloyd.

The Art Trailer will offer three experiences: an aluminum pour demonstration, a drum painting pop-up tent and a small gallery space exhibiting work by the four managing students. “Pouring hot metal in a safe area is an exhilarating spectacle that isn’t usually accessible to the public,” says Raymond Baccari, lead artist for the Art Trailer. The aluminum piece that is poured will be given to the venue that hosts the Art Trailer. “Gifting this art is important,” says Baccari. “It acts as a record of place and activity, a snapshot of the whole experience.”

In the drum painting tent, participants will use percussion tools such as drumsticks, mallets and brushes to paint onto a piece of canvas serving as their drumhead. At the end of the event, guests are able to take their paintings home. “It’s a way to break the ‘fourth wall’ of art, emancipating the spectator and moving them from passive viewer to active participant,” says Baccari. “Bringing the Art Trailer means bringing the studio to those who wouldn’t typically have access to such spaces. Through a program like Roadworks, we can provide opportunities for those at WCU and introduce new experiences to the public in Western North Carolina.”

The Art Trailer will be operating from Monday, May 14 to June 8. If you are interested in learning more about Roadworks or would like to request the Art Trailer for your event, please visit

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