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Bob Moog Foundation to Open The Moogseum

Bob Moog Foundation to Open The Moogseum

Bob Moog, 1974. Photos courtesy of Bob Moog Foundation

By Emma Castleberry

The Bob Moog Foundation will open The Moogseum in downtown Asheville on Thursday, May 23, which would have been Bob Moog’s 85th birthday. The Moogseum is intended to inspire and educate people through electronic music. It will feature a number of interactive exhibits, including a timeline of Bob Moog’s life; a rotating exhibit space and will also host traveling exhibits. “Through the Moogseum, we aim to bring Bob Moog’s pioneering legacy alive to inspire people of all ages through the intersection of science, music and imagination,” says Michelle Moog-Koussa, executive director of The Bob Moog Foundation. “In doing so, we aim to bring his life, work and challenges to light to provide a greater understanding of his unique legacy. We aim to inspire people to think creatively, just as Bob did for over 50 years of innovation.”

The Moogseum is an extension of Bob Moog’s two passions—electronic music and synthesis—and also an effort of Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, the educational arm of the Bob Moog Foundation. Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool educates elementary school students about the science of sound and also stewards the Bob Moog Foundation Archives. The Moogseum will provide visitors with access to a portion of the Foundation’s 10,000-piece archive, including rare photos, schematics, articles, never-before-seen personal correspondence and rare instruments, some of them prototypes or very early serial numbers.

The interactive timeline of Bob Moog’s life, The Life and Work of a Synthesizer Pioneer, will feature materials from both the Moog Foundation Archives and the Moog Family archives. Tracing Electricity As It Becomes Sound: Immersive Visualization Panorama will invite guests to step inside a circuit board and trace electricity as it evolves into sound. The recreation of Bob’s Workbench will provide insight into the pioneer’s creative process. Musical Parts to Make a Whole: The Fundamentals of Modular Synthesis will feature a Moog modular and explore the history of modular synthesis. Other exhibits will include Bob’s Inspiration: Léon Theremin and The Theremin; The History of Synthesis Timeline; and Learning Synthesis.

“The Moogseum will be a significant place of interest for both locals and visitors from all ages and all walks of life,” says Moog-Koussa. “Not only will The Moogseum become an educational, cultural and musical center in downtown Asheville, but because of Bob’s widespread legacy, it will help attract visitors from all over the world.”

The Moogseum is located at 56 Broadway Street in Asheville. For more information, visit MoogFoundation.org/Projects/The-Moogseum.

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