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The Gallery at Flat Rock Hosts Screenings of Stuffed

The Gallery at Flat Rock Hosts Screenings of StuffedThe Gallery at Flat Rock presents two screenings of the documentary feature Stuffed at Flat Rock Cinema on Sunday, February 23, and Monday, February 24, at 4 p.m. both days. An informal reception with the film’s award-winning director Erin Derham will be held at the gallery after the Sunday showing.

The documentary explores the subculture of taxidermy, where art meets science. “Taxidermists have to understand sculpting and painting as well as they need to understand chemistry and biology,” Derham says. “They have to understand behavior and movement and know hundreds of species habitats. They are a misunderstood collective of scientists and artists who have to use both sides of their brains to complete each and every mount. It is the most fascinating subject I never knew existed.”

Four elite taxidermists are profiled in the film, showing the science, chemistry and anatomy that they combine with sketching, sculpting and painting in order to preserve animals, often in a life-like state. They see their professions as a means of protecting and preserving nature.

A vegan and animal lover herself, Derham says she knew that she was the right director for this film. “Since grad school I have been looking for a way to make a documentary about environmentalism and protecting nature without being finger-waggy and depressing, and in a strange rearranging of the stars, taxidermy was the perfect artistic vehicle to do just that.”

Flat Rock Cinema is located at 2700-D Greenville Highway in Flat Rock. The Gallery at Flat Rock is located at 2702A Greenville Highway, also in Flat Rock Square. Tickets are $15, and are available at The Gallery at Flat Rock or through the website

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