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Shelton House Museum Joins the Appalachian Mural Trail

Shelton House mural

The Shelton House Museum of North Carolina Handicrafts in Waynesville is now a stop on the Appalachian Mural Trail. The museum’s 20th-century barn recently became the new home for a Postage Stamp Mural by Doreyl Ammons Cain.

The Shelton House was the first site to be selected for this series and had the choice of several designs by Cain. They selected “The Farmer,” depicting a pastoral agricultural scene inspired by Cain’s childhood. “The farming lifestyle was the way of mountain life when I grew up,” says the artist. “The mural truly fit with the history of farming during the days when the Shelton House was built and also, the Shelton family were lovers of art.”

The Farmer mural at The Shelton House. Doreyl Cain, artist. Photo courtesy of Appalachian Mural Trail

The Sheltons were farmers, and the museum, barn and grounds at the Shelton House are a tribute to the agrarian prosperity of this region in the late 19th century. “In most of Appalachia, farming was the mainstay of mountain towns and communities in the 1880s and certainly was the main focus of Shelton House,” says Dannehl Strautz, museum director. “We hope many will visit and learn more about the history, heritage, arts and crafts of this beautiful area known as Appalachia.”

Cain will be completing other Postage Stamp Murals in Asheville, Lenoir, Canton, Cherokee and Pioneer Village, all of which will be added to the interactive Appalachian Mural Trail website.

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