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Tickets On Sale Now for QuickDraw 2024

Artist Sun Sohovich.Photo by John Highsmith

The event that puts artists in the hot seat—asking them to create a work of art in an hour with an audience—returns to Laurel Ridge Country Club in Waynesville on Saturday, June 15, from 4:30-9 p.m. QuickDraw is all in good fun, raising funds to buy classroom art supplies for Haywood County schools. Besides the live artmaking, festivities include an auction of the artists’ work, demonstrations, a small works gallery and a dinner.

Participating artists say that they do prepare for the event—deciding on canvas size and timing themselves with their chosen subjects. Still, says Sun Sohovich, “the event provides an adrenaline rush, with my heart pounding as I create under pressure.” She aims to complete a large canvas that, at auction, will translate into a substantial donation for the school. “It’s a personal growth opportunity,” she says, “pushing me beyond my comfort zone. My mind races in various directions, and maintaining focus to complete a piece within an hour is a thrilling challenge.”

Teresa Pennington, whose medium is colored pencils, agrees that the pressure is tough. “With colored pencil, you have a very tiny point to work with and a lot of paper to cover,” she says. “The best thing about QuickDraw is when the auction is over and you are happy with the amount raised for your efforts. The patrons think you produce a piece in an hour when in reality you have spent countless hours preparing and agonizing over the stress.” For her, it’s the end result that makes it all worthwhile. “Over the years of this event, I have been told by many art teachers that the money raised by QuickDraw is the only money they have to buy art supplies. The teachers should not have to purchase paint brushes and paint, or pencils and paper, or clay for pottery. That is the reason I choose to worry and fret every year over what I will draw. It’s for the kids.”

Jo Ridge Kelley has participated in the event since it began in 2001. As a former high school art teacher, she understands the value of the event and its mission. “I’m very passionate about supporting the broadening of the minds of our young people through a positive art experience,” she says. “I love how the space is overflowing with creative energy, and I enjoy seeing all the returning artists and meeting the new ones. And the joyful spirit of the art lovers in attendance is just so inspiring.”

She works on a 36” x 36” canvas each year. “It’s a lot of fun to push those luscious oil pigments around with a palette knife and then soften the edges with a brush,” she says. “It can be a magical experience—and the music I’m playing through my earphones helps tremendously.”

To learn more, visit or call 828.734.5747. Tickets are $125 and include the live art event, auction and dinner.

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