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Book Feature: “Carefully Placed Lines on Paper”

John Walters, Author

During his 45-year career as an architect, John Walters has produced many sketches of buildings—ones he worked on, ones he encountered in his travels and some that marked significant occasions such as vacationing or taking a child to college. His new book, Carefully Placed Lines on Paper, collects one hundred of those drawings, including several from Western North Carolina towns such as Tryon, where Walters lives and works. Included with the sketches are brief descriptions containing factual information as well as personal recollections. “I have always enjoyed sketching,” Walters says. “It is a key part of my work as an architect. The sketches in this book are drawn onsite, which I find very relaxing and enjoyable.”

As suggested by the book’s title, the renderings in the book differ from rough sketches. “The term ‘carefully placed’ refers to being judicious with how many ‘lines’ are used to capture the spirit of the image,” says Walters. Drawing on location and with time constraints led to this controlled approach, he adds.

All but two of the buildings are in the US. “While the reader may recognize many of the buildings, others are unknown, utilitarian structures that simply appealed to me,” Walters writes in the book’s introduction. Among the historic WNC structures depicted are Tryon’s Spanish Court and Tryon Elementary School, Grove Arcade in Asheville and Green Park Inn in Blowing Rock.

Carefully Placed Lines on Paper, November, 2020, nonfiction, paperback, $24.95, by John Walters, and independently published, Tryon, NC. To learn more, visit

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