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Wortham Center Presents God is a Scottish Drag Queen

Acclaimed Canadian comedian Mike Delamont performs the stand-up act God is a Scottish Drag Queen Thursday, May 12, at 8 p.m. at Diana Wortham Theatre. In this comedy of biblical proportions, God, dressed in a floral power suit, has descended to Earth to let off some steam—and in the process, he skewers everyone from Justin Bieber to the Pope. In a thick Scottish accent, God attempts to clear up a few misconceptions about himself and his role as the Almighty, as peering over the rim of his reading glasses, he struggles to remain calm about his creations’ misdeeds.

“In the depiction of God in the Sistine chapel he looks very angry but at the same time is wearing a gentle, pink, silk robe and I really liked the juxtaposition,” says Delamont. “The show started as a comedy sketch and has now evolved into five separate two-act productions.”

The performance has won 18 Best of Fest awards at festivals across the continent and was nominated for the Best Comedy Award at Just For Laughs in 2014. God is a Scottish Drag Queen is now a trilogy of shows with several spinoff productions, including the podcast God Reads the Bible, the comedy album God is a Scottish Drag Queen: Pandemic Edition, a Christmas special and a rebuttal from the other side Hell Yeah! An Evening with the Devil.

In each of his side-splitting performances, Delamont embodies his character with such ease that one might begin to believe his explanations for history’s many ups and downs. “There is a lot of heart in the show and there’s an underlying sweetness to the character that has made it very endearing to people,” he says. “The title can scare some folks off, but those that take the leap of faith have a pretty fantastic time.”

Wortham Center for the Performing Arts is located at 18 Biltmore Avenue in downtown Asheville. To learn more or purchase tickets, visit or call 828.257.4530.

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