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11th Annual Firefly Gathering in Leicester

2017 Firefly Gathering

The 11th annual Firefly Gathering will be held in Leicester from Thursday, June 21, through Sunday, June 24. The festival features a variety of earth skills classes such as basketry, bushcraft, camp-craft, gardening, permaculture and natural parenting. “The Gathering was founded by Natalie Bogwalker of Wild Abundance and has always been notable for being woman-founded and primarily woman-run, with 87 percent of our year-round staff identifying as female,” says Sarah Chappell, marketing director for the Gathering. “Natalie created the gathering to share her passion for primitive skills, and it has answered the call for a return to the earth that so many folks feel in our time of technology-induced stress, even if just for a long weekend.”

This year’s Gathering is expanding its focus on youth, with programming options for children from infancy to 18 years old. The Gathering has also hired its first community equity advocate this year: Isa Whitaker, the community garden network coordinator for Bountiful Cities in Asheville. “Isa is tasked with helping to expand Firefly’s ability to reach the varied communities in the region,” says Chappell. “Self-sufficiency and sustainable living are our birthright as humans, and the Gathering works to reclaim that connection for all participants.”

The Firefly Gathering will be located at the Farm at Green Heron Pond, 157 Brownstone Road in Leicester. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

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