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Celebrate Pollinators This Month in Hendersonville

Patrice German, program coordinator, Bee City USA-Hendersonville. Photo by Gary German.

June is Pollinator Month and Hendersonville Bee City USA has a full calendar of programming, coordinated by Bullington Gardens and intended to celebrate the ecosystem of pollinators that support more than 1,200 crops. From honey tastings to nature walks to gardening lessons, there is something for everyone to enjoy this month in celebration of these valuable creatures.

“Throughout our area the focus will be on pollinators, their importance to us and how we can help to sustain the life that sustains us,” says Patrice German, program coordinator for Hendersonville Bee City USA. “Our mission is to get the word out about doing what is best for pollinators.” She uses the example of pesticide and herbicide use, which many gardeners don’t realize can be very harmful. “Did you know that when you are killing certain weeds, you are killing host plants for specialist pollinators? Habitat destruction has been devastating to the well-being of these most important creatures, but we can all do something to help them rebound and rebuild their populations.”

June’s Pollinator Month celebrations will include a variety of informative presentations focusing on how residents play a role in the health of pollinators, as well as guided tours of the pollinator mural and gardens at the Hands On! Children’s Museum and the Hendo Lifeline sidewalk, which connects the mural to the historic Hendersonville Train Depot. “The Hendo Lifeline is an integrated sidewalk mural and fitness path through which participants become part of the story of an individual traversing through different native environments, morphing into related native species, learning something about the world, their place in it and perhaps something about themselves,” says artist Elizabeth Queen. “Today more than ever, we depend on birds, bees, butterflies and other pollinators, and they depend on us. Hopefully, people will gain an understanding of the good they provide and how much unintentional but irreversible harm can come from unmindful activities such as using certain chemicals to control weeds, mosquitos and feed lawns.”

Other events on the calendar for June include a series of pollinator-themed afternoon teas presented by The Book and Bee Café and Tea; an online course in gardening presented by Spriggly’s Beescaping; Pollinator Day at the Hendersonville Farmers Market; a Seed Bundle Workshop at Hands On! Children’s Museum; and a myriad of other workshops, nature walks, and themed day-long events.

A complete schedule of events is available at For questions about Pollinator Month and to volunteer, contact For information about Pollinator Month events in Asheville, visit

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