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Latest Acquisitions Arrive at HH Walker and Company

Unpacking the new shipment from England at HH Walker and Company

By Natasha Anderson

One might say that Holt Isom, owner of HH Walker and Company antiques gallery, in Waynesville, works hard to ensure he always has a showroom filled with fine quality English, French and American antiques. But it might be more accurate to say he is simply doing what he loves as he travels frequently throughout Europe and the eastern US searching for unique pieces to maintain fresh inventory for customers.

“I love the excitement of finding a beautiful antique, especially a piece of furniture I’ve never seen before,” he says.

On a trip early this year to various shops and antique fairs in the south of England, Isom obtained items including chests of drawers, highboys, butler’s trolleys and many accessories. He hopes to find more English antiques, including chest-on-chests, sideboards and anything else unique and interesting, on a return trip in June.

“Part of the reason for HH Walker and Company’s success is that Holt has a very discerning eye and he focuses on what his customers want,” says longtime client Jacqueline Craig. “He has a depth of knowledge that is only developed through years of study and experience.”

In addition to his extensive knowledge of antiques, Isom has experience in textiles and interior design. His showroom includes antique oriental rugs, walls decorated with oil paintings and professionally matted and framed antique prints, and a selection of custom lamps and accessories.

“I have gotten so many decorating and styling ideas from just being in the shop and studying the placement and presentation of his inventory,” says Craig. “He displays everything in a way that makes it easy to envision your favorite piece in your home.”

Isom specializes in English antiques for their beautiful woods, brass handles and straight lines, French pieces for the woods, designs and functionality and American pieces for their simplicity and history.

“More important than a particular style or period of antiques, it is about finding something that I love, that fits my own and my customers’ design aesthetic, and that is also a quality piece for an affordable price,” he says.

HH Walker and Company also includes a garden room with plants, planters and related items and a women’s boutique with clothing, jewelry, purses and accessories. Sales associates are always on hand to offer design expertise and product knowledge.

HH Walker and Company is located at 335 North Haywood Street, Waynesville. Learn more at and on Facebook and Instagram @HHWalkerandCompany, where Isom shares his buying trip adventures and previews his latest acquisitions.

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