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At Home: Provisions Mercantile

Photography by Lauren Merrell for Miss Jenn Media, 2021

By Emma Castleberry

Springtime inspires a desire to refresh your environment. You might have already started planting your outdoor garden, but your indoor environment could likely use a little sprucing up, too—especially after a long year of quarantine use!

Provisions Mercantile is a locally owned shop featuring a varied selection of home and kitchen items that can bring a little spring brightness indoors. Owners Heather and Matt Wright created Provisions as “a destination that captures inspiration from the classic general store,” says Heather, “providing consumers with the perfect mix of nostalgia and modern trends, products from around the world and from our own backyard and an avenue to bring you closer to friends, family and the community.”

“As we expand our product line and launch the gift and wedding registry, we wanted to carry a small appliance line,” says Heather. “Our goal was to bring a line that was unique with products that would separate us from the big-box retailers.” Provisions Mercantile carries small appliances from the SMEG line, including a citrus juicer, hand blender, milk frother, kettle, toaster, coffee grinder and drip coffee machine. The sleek lines and bright colors of the products will make your kitchen feel both modern and classic.

Photography by Lauren Merrell for Miss Jenn Media, 2021

Smithey Cast Iron
This handmade line of cast iron pots and pans from Charleston, SC, “truly encompasses the vision behind the Provisions brand,” says Heather. “These are heirloom cast iron, and also a product that deserves to be used on a daily basis. Cast iron has been around for hundreds of years and helps to create stories and memories and traditions inside the home.”

Mason Cash
Mason Cash is an English company that has been a trusted brand for bakers and cooks since 1800. Their unique mixing bowls, available in a variety of bright and pastel colors with raised patterns, have remained timeless since 1901. “This company has stayed true to their original design and concept and that is something that we can respect and appreciate,” says Heather.

Echoview Fiber Mill
For the laundry room and kitchen, Provisions Mercantile carries handmade wool dryer balls and wool sponges from Echoview Fiber Mill, a small local company that specializes in making handcrafted wool products. The sustainability and beauty of these high-quality, local items also make them a wonderful housewarming gift. “I love the idea of resourceful living utilizing local products that can entirely change the way we do our everyday tasks,” says Heather.

Photography by Lauren Merrell for Miss Jenn Media, 2021

Mosser Glass
Items from Mosser Glass, a family-owned company in Ohio, include salt and pepper shakers, glasses, cake stands, ring holders and more. Mosser uses glass molds that are decades old to bring antique, nostalgic designs to life in bright, splashy colors.

Your home should be a lovely place to be, and Provisions Mercantile can help make it that way. But the Wrights want you to feel at home in their shop, too. “We ultimately desire to be more than just a retail store,” Heather says. “We want there to be a feeling, an experience when customers come in. When we say ‘Y’all come on in and stay awhile,’ we mean it. We look at the store as an opportunity to honor our past with our own story.”

Provisions Mercantile is located at 728 Haywood Road, Asheville. For more information, visit or call 828.505.3900.

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