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Clover Acupuncture & Wellness Studio Offers Whole Body Health Care

Candice Behan doing pulse diagnosis

The clover, known to many as a symbol of prosperity, is a fitting moniker for Clover Acupuncture and Wellness Studio, in Tryon, where owner and acupuncturist Candice Behan and her team strive to assist clients in achieving well-being of both body and mind. Their treatments, rooted in Chinese traditional medicine, are designed to reduce pain, manage stress and focus on individual health concerns. Acupuncture, massage and bodywork, herbal medicine and nutritional guidance are among the services offered.

“A main difference between Eastern and Western medicine is the importance of acknowledging the role emotions play in our health,” says Behan. “They must always be addressed for optimal outcomes.”

Prior to opening her wellness studio, Behan worked as a medical sales representative for ten years. As such, she spent a great deal of time in doctors’ offices observing patients and thinking about her own holistic upbringing. “I thought there was a better way,” Behan says. “I began to ask my own acupuncturist questions and he suggested I look into the college where he taught.”

Kim Engle doing bamboo massage

Behan enrolled there the following semester. She has now been practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine for ten years and running Clover Acupuncture and Wellness Studio for four years. This spring, the studio will relocate to a larger space in a nearby building. The new facility will allow more flexibility and more openings for appointments.

The Clover philosophy includes teamwork to foster lasting recovery from illness. Behan and her staff encourage open communication between all healthcare providers and design treatment plans that do not conflict with concurrent therapies. The goal is to allow individuals to take advantage of any beneficial therapies and to take control of their healthcare on their own terms.

“I often tell people that just because something has been a problem for a long time or even for their whole life, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way,” says Behan. “The body wants to find homeostasis and acupuncture helps to guide it there.”

Clover Acupuncture and Wellness Studio is currently located at 157 North Trade Street, in Tryon. In the coming months, it will relocate to 31 South Trade Street. To learn more or book an appointment, visit or call 828.817.9883.

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