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Mama Danger Releases a Single for These Times

Mama Danger. Gabriela Rose and Nick Cameron, artists

Mama Danger. Gabriela Rose and Nick Cameron, artists

By Gina Malone

Asheville-based folk-roots duo Mama Danger came onto the scene in 2017, after Nick Cameron and Gabriela Rose met on a choir trip to the White House, when both were studying at UNC Asheville. Cameron has a background in theater and is an award-winning and classically trained vocalist as well as a mandolin player. Rose, who plays guitar and writes songs, grew up with a music teacher for a mother. Cameron and Rose share Jewish backgrounds and have an appreciation for Blue Ridge Mountains inspired music and their own folk heritage. They released their first EP, Anagrammed, in 2018.

“Being raised Jewish in the South was an isolating experience, and I found it difficult to have pride in being southern while living amidst Jewish culture,” Rose says. “There is not much Jewish representation in the bluegrass-roots genre so I felt the urge to share such a specific minority experience through a country music lens.”

The sense of “not feeling fully welcome” in her home place inspired Rose to write “Homesick,” the duo’s recently released single. “Featuring vocal harmonies, soulful lyrics and unique composition, ‘Homesick’ is an exciting accomplishment for us not only musically but politically as well,” Cameron says. “We want our music to be accessible and interesting to everyone, whether that might be more lyrically driven listeners or individuals who resonate with more complex composition. Most importantly, we want people of minorities to feel heard, understood and safe. Singing about painful experiences often brings people together.”

To learn more, visit MamaDanger.com or find the duo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at Mama Danger Music. Their music is available on Spotify and YouTube. Sign up for their mailing list at eepurl.com/geprHf.

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