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Okapi: Carousel (Part I)

Okapi: Carousel (Part I)

Scott Gorski and Lindsey Miller form the Asheville-based, avant-garde duo Okapi that combines upright bass, cello and voice to express the various musical styles that both musicians appreciate. Gorski, a Woodstock, IL native, is self-taught and Miller, from Columbia, MO, is a classically trained cellist. Their different musical backgrounds inspired them to name their collaboration after the okapi, the endangered African mammal that resembles a cross between a giraffe and a zebra. A release show for their debut album, Carousel (Part 1), will be held on Thursday, November 1, at REVOLVE in Asheville.

Despite her training, Miller says that she has “always looked for anything but Bach and the like. Finding someone that wasn’t tied down by traditional formulas and structures was a big part of why we connected.” She describes their music as “rhythmically based and structurally unpredictable” with a lyrical quality. Her favorites from the album include “Upon the Clearing” for its dramatic lyrics and “A Sterile Draft” with its “dynamic extremes and rhythmic intensity.”

The two began performing in Chicago in 2012, and have called Asheville home for two years. “Our listeners seem to appreciate things that allow them to interpret life and themselves in a different way,” Gorski says. “A lot of people are tired of the same formulas and are looking for something new and honest to connect with on a deeper level, and our music is able to provide that for them.”

REVOLVE is located at RAMP SOUTH Studio, 821 Riverside Drive, Asheville. To learn more, visit OkapiDuo.com.

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