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Xpand Fest Returns to Asheville

Xpand fest

Photo by David Simchock

Xpand Fest will return to Asheville’s South Slope Neighborhood on Saturday, June 8. Musical headliners for the free event include Nashville 10-piece funk-fusion band Dynamo and locals The Get Right Band, April B & The Cool and Emma’s Lounge.

Dynamo’s leader, Ryan Connors, says the band is always looking for reasons to come play in Asheville. “So far, we’ve been blown away with the communication and care that Xpand has put into this festival,” he says. “That’s not always the case when you’re one of many bands on the bill. I have no doubt that, between great planning and an amazing music scene, this experience will be like none other.”

Sustainability will yet again be a central theme for the festival. “We have always focused on sustainability and education, but continue to figure out the best way to present that information at this arts-forward festival,” says Johanna Hagarty, executive director and founder of Xpand Fest. “With an event- wide scavenger hunt and interactive booths, we are encouraging each individual to curate their own experience. Fostering an environment that encourages curiosity and exploration, we want people to come to Xpand Fest excited about something they are familiar with, but hope they leave with expanded knowledge on something that sparks excitement and engagement.”

Xpand Fest will also be partnering with adé (Artists Designing Evolution) PROJECT, which works to build, sustain and connect a regional base of black, brown and indigenous artists that are catalyzing social change. “Our shared goal is to promote awareness on the importance of economic investment in the creative sector and to demonstrate the impact that has on a community, including Asheville,” says Hagarty.

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