Early Girl Eatery

Early Girl Eatery

Jesson Gil

Jesson Gil, owner of Early Girl Eatery, grew up poor in El Paso, Texas. He looked up to his father who owned a small glass shop, and knew he wanted his own business. His mother always wanted him to be a doctor. Despite his parents’ wishes and a degree in biology, he went into the restaurant business. He worked for McDonald’s for 17 years. At that time he was offered a vice-president’s position, but neither the thought of uprooting his family nor a corporate life interested him. At the same time, another restaurant chain nearby offered him his own franchise if he turned around a failing restaurant. He did, and the rest is history.

Selling his Texas franchises, Jesson brought his talent to Asheville. He then sold his first restaurant here, The Blackbird, and purchased Early Girl Eatery, recently opening a third location in North Asheville.

“People think we are breakfast only, but we are also open for lunch and dinner with a full bar every day of the week except Thanksgiving and Christmas,” Gil says.

Locations are at 8 Wall Street, downtown; 444 Haywood Street, West Asheville; and 1020 Merrimon Avenue, North Asheville. To learn more, visit or call 828.505.2325.

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