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Organic Growers School Offers New Farmer Programs

Photo courtesy of Organic Growers School

Organic Growers School (OGS) has launched two new programs for farmers. The Journeyperson program is designed for farmers with at least three years of independent farming experience. The program offers specific, tailored support for adolescent farm businesses. Journeyperson participants will be in a cohort with other farming peers who are experiencing similar challenges. The Journeyperson program features virtual retreats over a 15-month period, as well as mentorship services on topics like creating profit, work/ life balance, labor concerns and marketing. The inaugural retreat, Holistic Financial Planning, will be taught by Cree Bradley of Minnesota’s Chelsea Morning Farm.

Mentor Services is an expansion on an existing program that connects new farmers with established farmers to provide guidance and advice on topics relevant to the beginning farmer. Erica Shanks, owner of Bearded Birds Farm, was partnered with Erica Blumenfeld, the seasoned farm manager at Eliada Home, as a mentor. “My mentor really taught me how to keep pushing forward even when things don’t feel so bright and cheery,” says Shanks. “Farming is tough, and sometimes lonely, and dedicating yourself to this profession can sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming. But when you have a mentor that nudges you in the right way, and sees your potential, that can make a world of difference knowing someone has your back.”

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