From the Editor

Gina Malone

There are many ways to think of February: as the cold, snowy dead of winter; as the month we warm our hearts with those we love or protect them by thinking about ways to lower the risk of heart disease; a time when we believe that groundhogs have foreknowledge of winter’s duration. I like to savor February day by day, to love it for its ability to seem so much longer than it is and for its being perched so delicately between the harshness of winter and the freshness of spring. This year’s calendar gifts us with a Leap Day. To paraphrase poet Mary Oliver, who was writing about another season altogether, what is it you plan to do with this “wild and precious” extra day of life?

As always we have a few suggestions for filling all of February’s days. American Folk Art & Framing holds its 16th Annual Miniatures Show, with a display of great art condensed into small packages. Contemporaneo AVL features the work of Marco Bracho, a contemporary kinetic artist, and Woolworth Walk holds a Seconds Sale, a good way to acquire beautiful works by some of our fine regional artists.

Joshua Blanco brings us the debut of Climate City 2020, a new column focused on Asheville as the nation’s “Climate City” as well as the good being done all over WNC to combat climate change regionally and protect the health of the planet at large. On page 40, read about an upcoming Sierra Club presentation by some regional artists passionate about preserving, on canvas and paper, the beauty of our part of this wondrous planet.

This is our annual Health & Wellness issue. WNC became popular in the 19th century as a destination for those seeking mountain air, pure water and healthy outdoor adventures. Through the years, it has only become more welcoming with desirable places such as Asheville Salt Cave, where pampering includes massage, relaxation and salt spa therapy; and Compassionate Expressions, Leicester’s healing sanctuary.

Be well, and may this shortest month find you long on pleasurable moments.

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