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October Wellness Events at Asheville Salt Cave

Asheville Salt Cave will host two unique wellness events in October. On Friday, October 20, Katie Vie of River Island Apothecary will present a Wisdom Circle ceremony in which she will use guided meditation, her signature anointing oils and the wisdom of feminine archetypes to help attendees reconnect with their self. “By ‘following your nose’ at the Wisdom Circle, you will reveal the clarity and wisdom that is yours,” says Vie. “Once you have aligned with your wisdom, the peace of the salt cave will usher you toward deep understanding and integration of the next steps along your path and the work you’re ready to offer the world.”

Katie Vie

On Saturday, October 28, poet, doula and women’s counselor Tiffany Narron presents Full Moon Flow & Poetry as Prayer, featuring breathing practices, somatic movement, and reading and writing poetry. No writing experience is necessary. “I hope this event appeals to anyone and everyone that feels called to slow down and soften into their body to breathe, move slowly and listen,” Narron says.

“Oftentimes, writing can feel scary or inaccessible for some, yet I’m consistently amazed at the writing created by those who say they cannot and do not write well. When you’re writing from your life, there is no such thing as bad writing. And when you’re writing from a place of desire and longing, you’re writing little fragments of your inner self down to see reflected and held in this season.”

Tickets for both events are $56 and space is limited. “Community connection is rooted deep in our business model,” says Jodie Appel, owner of Asheville Salt Cave. “Our local community has many wonderful creators, artists and inspiring folks. Having others share their craft with our community bridges the gaps in many ways. Sometimes, people have a hard time sitting still in the salt cave during quiet sessions, and these types of workshops and events offer a way to receive the dual benefits, salt therapy benefits in conjunction with a deeper understanding of themselves.”

Asheville Salt Cave is located at 16 North Liberty Street, Asheville. Find more information and purchase tickets at

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