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Sunnyside Trading Co.

Sunnyside Trading Co.

Sunnyside Trading Co. Stuart Hough

Stuart Hough has traveled the world for 40 years, searching for beautiful antiques and tribal/nomadic art works. He made his first scouting trip abroad in 1979 before opening an antiques store in Denver, CO. “I visited museums in Europe and asked questions of anyone who would talk to me about the history of fascinating objects,” he says. “I’m still interested in the stories of the objects I find: a family dowry chest found in India, for example, or a rug from nomadic Berber weavers in Morocco. It’s what I’m passionate about.”

Hough worked as an antiques dealer in France from 1995 to 2006, and later spent time traveling around Asia and India exploring colors and textures of the Far East.

“I don’t have a lot of talents in life,” Hough says, “but over the years, I’ve become known for recognizing the authenticity and value of antiques.”

Hough and his daughter Charlotte first visited WNC in 2015, and fell in love with the mountains and lively art scene in Asheville. “We took a magical drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains, and we knew within 24 hours, this was the place to live and work.”

Sunnyside Trading’s two galleries in the River Arts District are at 346 Depot Street and at 27 Foundy Street in the Foundation. To learn more, visit

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