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Take a Day for Self Care at Asheville Salt Cave

Asheville Salt Cave

By Abbey Prevost

Bring a loved one to the Asheville Salt Cave on Thursday, December 7, for the Salty Social, a two-hour self care retreat that will be a fun and relaxing evening for all. The services provided have been designed to guide guests through intention setting, calling in their deepest desires and releasing what no longer serves them as the year comes to an end. Visitors can expect a nourishing salt cave experience, meditative herbal foot soaks, tea tasting, mini table massages, tarot card readings, soothing live music, product giveaways and tasty refreshments. Members of the community will also be invited to collaborate on an interactive world peace art installation. With so many activities and experiences available, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The event will have time slots open from 3–7 p.m. Tickets are $75 per person and can be purchased on the Asheville Salt Cave’s website. Reservations are required.

The spa’s coordinator, Jason Bennefield, says that this event will be beneficial to many people in our community. “With so many of us feeling the effects of the stressful times we find ourselves in, it is important to take some space to reflect and care for ourselves in a compassionate way, and then extend that compassion to others,” he says. “Whether through meditation, massage, or something as simple as drinking a cup of tea with intention, whatever works for you, it is vital to our well-being to make time for self-care.”

Asheville Salt Cave’s owner, Jodie Appel, says that self care and community are vital for personal growth and happiness. “Bringing the community together for a night of restorative healing for themselves and the planet is a truly loving gift we are so grateful to share,” says Appel.

General manager Laurel Thompson agrees. “Taking time for intentional moments of self care can not only help us feel more balanced in our lives but can also extend to those around us,” she says. “Our friends, family, and co-workers may feel more at ease with us when we are more at ease within ourselves.”

The Salt Cave is 550 square feet with 9-foot ceilings. The temperature is held at around 70 degrees, with humidity between 50 and 60 percent. The carefully controlled climate allows the cave to be sustainable and promotes its growth. The Asheville Salt Cave recommends wearing comfortable clothes, and bringing clean socks to wear into the cave since no shoes are allowed. No cell phones, computers or food and drink are allowed inside the cave.

The Asheville Salt Cave is located at 16 North Liberty Street. Tickets for the Salty Social and more information about the Salt Cave can be found at Abbey Prevost is a senior at UNC Asheville and a fall intern for The Laurel.

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