To our many readers and advertisers …

Life is about change and adapting to it. We always know it will come. But how we react to it determines how we evolve into the next chapter of our life.

It is now my time to retire from The Laurel of Asheville. I wish to thank all of my staff, readers and advertisers who have enjoyed, loved and participated in this 18-plus-year run. This chapter of my life has filled me with gratitude for the joys and adventures this art-full Asheville community and environs offer to so many of us.

Jerry Johnson, publisher

Creating the magazine takes a team effort, and there are many people to thank for their dedicated work, not to mention their incredible creativity. I am very grateful to Paul, Frances, Emma and Gina for keeping us on target with the words and bringing readers back month after month.

Our magazine’s design was challenging, but I scored big when Amy agreed to help guide all of us in making it such a pleasure to thumb through and read. Her 15-plus years of loving and caring about how The Laurel looks on the page have truly been a blessing and act of love.

So many people have sold advertising and delivered the magazine to well over 300 drops in nine counties. I have been very blessed and am grateful for Adrianne, Susan, Jane and many others for their hard work and efforts. Let me never forget Desiree, and her always changing crew, for getting The Laurel delivered.

And I give a big, heartfelt thanks to Bob Brown and Susan Johnson, my partners who believed in my dream and helped bring it to fruition month after month. They have been great colleagues who encouraged me through all of the ups and downs of publishing.

So again, a huge THANK YOU and blessings to all for our many years making The Laurel of Asheville the wonderful chapter of my life it has been. The Laurel team will continue to be here to serve you and your advertising needs.

With love,

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