Lavender Branches: Teaching the Essentials

Jen Alonso and Jaime Arnett created Lavender Branches in Asheville four years ago after being introduced to doTERRA, a science-based company with the mission of sharing its therapeutic-grade essential oils through the use of distributors who work directly with customers. The company pays on-time, fair wages to growers, farmers and distillers of high-quality oils in developing countries.

The team at Lavender Branches is comprised of teachers, physicians, nurses, counselors, clinical researchers and mothers and fathers. “After learning about all the good this company is doing worldwide,” Alonso says, “it was an easy decision for all of us to be involved.”

Lavender Branches focuses on educating users of essential oils. “We teach how the essential oils work within your body and which oil is best for each issue that may arise,” Alonso says. “We also spend time in our educational classes explaining the importance of using oils that are sourced from around the world.” Oils, she explains, need certain growing conditions in order to be the best available on the market.

“We host events all over Asheville,” she says. “Every month we host a different themed class where we discuss the basic safety and usage of oils and then move deeper into the specific topic.” These classes are open to the public and are free. A couple of times a year, the team also hosts, for a small fee, classes during which essential oils are made and distributed.

“Our goal with Lavender Branches is to show people that it is affordable and possible to be proactive with your health right from home,” Alonso says.

To learn more about monthly classes or to be put on the mailing list, email lavenderbranches@gmail.com.

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