Fall is the Best Time to Plant

Autumn is a special season as temperatures cool and a kaleidoscope of colors fills the landscape. Avid gardeners are cleaning out their gardens in anticipation of the change of season from fall to winter. So why is fall the best time to plant? A valid question indeed!

What plants benefit from a fall installation?
Trees and shrubs find fall the ideal time to be planted.

What are the benefits of fall planting?
As temperatures cool and rain showers increase, Mother Nature is preparing us for a transition from fall to winter. Installing trees and shrubs at this time allows the roots to get established in warmer temperatures before the freeze sets in. There is less care needed in comparison to spring and summer months when regular watering several times a week is required. Cooler nights and mornings help plants retain moisture and settle in.

Fall is the perfect time to install a “green screen” for privacy between neighbors using Emerald Green or Green Giant arborvitae, Leyland cypress or Skip laurels. Looking forward to 2021, a tree-lined street or yard filled with beautiful redbud, blooming dogwood or cherry trees will greet you in the spring if installed this fall.

What are the B.B. Barns secrets to success with fall planting?
A great and well-prepared foundation for any project is the key to success. When installing trees and shrubs the B.B. Barns planting instructions booklet gives all of the specifications and techniques for successful planting. The hole has to be dug to the specifications needed by the plant, roots should be loosened and the native soil must be amended with a variety of products, mixed well. That mix will enhance the fertility, drainage and moisture retention. Most importantly, water the new plant with an open hose. Finally, top dress with mulch around the plant, but not on the trunk or stem of the plant.

One ingredient Team B.B. Barns uses is Espoma Bio-tone, a root stimulator that drives success when added to the amended mixture that will fill the hole. Once the plant is installed, according to the guidelines, fall and winter rains will set in and allow your plant to get well established by spring. Spring rains will be the “wake-up call,” ushering in a season of glorious growth.

Why plant in fall when winter is soon to follow?
Slow growth patterns take over in fall. Fall plantings begin to go into dormancy as winter sets in. Watering plants as needed ensures well-insulated roots that will help maintain the wellbeing of the plant. In recent years we have had warmer winters. During warm winter days and before a severe freeze, be sure to soak the root ball with an open hose to insulate the roots with water, providing moisture for the entire plant. No need for sprinklers or other watering devices; just an open hose is needed for a root drench at the mulch line.

B.B. Barns is open and receives regular shipments 12 months a year. Fall deliveries will delight any gardener. Our West Coast truck arrives in September with unique conifers and spring blooming trees. Gardening in WNC during all four seasons allows gardeners to maintain color in the landscape year-round.

Therese Figura is director of business development for B.B. Barns, located at 3377 Sweeten Creek Road in Arden. Garden center hours are Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., year-round. Landscaping services are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To learn more, visit BBBarns.com.

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